Fine Wine Art - Peter Kotka

The definative masterpiece by Peter Kotka

Jesus represented by Chateau Angelus sits proudly at the centre of the table; to his right should be John who some people think is painted far too feminine and more likely to be Mary Magdelaine. So there, sits a bottle of Chateau Magdelaine 1999, this is quite a young wine but it is caked in dust, so in keeping with the painting all is not what it appears to be. At this Last Supper they should have been eating lamb, but not in my painting, although there are sheep on the hills behind, and all of the wines are clarets which generally go well with lamb. Next in line comes Peter, Chateau Petrus followed by Judas who because of his links to Jesus is represented by the 2nd wine of Angelus, Le Carillon De Angelus. In front of both of these lies a bone handled knife, the blade pointing to Judas who is said to have betrayed Jesus, but another theory is that Peter was the betrayer so the handle of the knife is immediately in front of Peter, but again to show all is not what it seems, the handle does not cast a shadow on the table cloth, but the blade does. Andrew is Chateau Ausone, James Chateau Quinault, and Bartholomew Chateau Moulinet. To the left of Jesus sits Thomas Chateau D’Issan, James the Great, Chateau Yon Figeac, Philip, Chateau Leoville Las Cases, Matthew, Chateau Poujeaux, Thaddeus, Chateau Canon and finally Simon Chateau d’Angludet. All the bottles are lined up behind fruit, cheese and bread, but only three glasses which could represent two elements, the three main protagonists, or the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

The Last Supper by Peter Kotka

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